Here’s another peek into my grocery trips for the week! Since every family is different, please don’t compare what I spend to what you are/should be spending.
There’s no need to fret as long as what you spend fits YOUR family and YOUR budget.

However, for reference here’s a profile of who I shop for:

1. We are a family of 5 that includes 2 adults and 3 children (ages 10, 6 and 4).
2. My husband and I follow a KETO/LCHF way of eating so sometimes I purchase higher cost special ingredients for recipes I want to make.
3. Practically all meals come from these grocery trips. My husband stays home with our daughter and the boys and I pack our lunches for school/work.
4. My family usually eats out once a week if the budget allows.
5. We have our own chickens, so although you might see us eat eggs often, we never buy them. I do budget for their feed, but that is only purchased 3 times a year.

Where do I shop:
Normally I shop at two or three stores each week. The closest city is 30 minutes away, so I will hit up 2 stores on the same trip when I travel into town.

Currently Kroger is my favorite store as they offer the best loss leaders(deep sale items).

We have a Walmart about 5 minutes from our house and I will go there during the week for essentials or items I forgot on my big grocery shopping day.

If there aren’t any good sales at other grocery stores I will just buy basics from Walmart for the week and eat from the freezer/pantry.

Now a look at what I bought this week

Grocery shopping haul 8/25/18

I had originally planned to take it easy this week… at least as far as grocery shopping is concerned. BUT Harris Teeter had a lot of great sales on meat and since there was money in the budget, I couldn’t resist.

I also shopped at Walmart (I needed something from here for school, so I picked up a few things that are always cheap) and Kroger.

Harris Teeter grocery shopping 8/25/18 ground beef

At Harris Teeter I purchased around 4 pounds of 93% lean ground beef that was on sale for $2.99/lb, 3 racks of Smithfield baby back ribs @ $1.99/lb and some ribeye steaks that were almost ½ price at only $6.99/lb.

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never eaten ribeye steaks before. Like never in my life…. Man have I been missing out!! I was worried because our charcoal grill finally gave out, and all they had at our local store was a gas grill.

ribeye steak and mashed cauliflower

We aren’t a fan of cooking on propane grills, but I didn’t have a choice and these steaks still tasted AWESOME. I will definitely be picking up some more ribeyes the next time they’re on sale.

Kroger had Johnsonville grilling sausage on sale for only $2.49 as a part of their weekly 2-day sale. Luckily chorizo was also included so I bought 3 packs for the freezer. My son is obsessed with chorizo, and I often pay full price ($4.50) for this as it doesn’t go on sale very often.

Chorizo and chicken sautéed up together is a delicious combination. We love it in tacos, but I usually put it over a salad or in lettuce leaves.

Kroger mega grocery shopping haul 8/25/18

There’s no way around it; I bought a lot of junk at Kroger this week. There was a mega event still going on and I was able to get some treats for my kids that I normally wouldn’t buy. My kids know that I will never pay full price for junk food, so they love Kroger probably as much as I do.

grocery shopping haul 8/25/18 $1.99 Pop Tarts

After the sale and a printable coupon, Pop-Tarts were only $0.99/box.

And Hostess snack cakes were another item in the 2-day for only $1.49/box.

Kroger grocery shopping $1.49 hostess cakes

I am going to chill out on buying any more treats though for a while, as the kids now have plenty and I will be tempted to eat them if we have a lot in the house.

After all 3 stores here are my totals:

I spent $80.79 on Keto purchases. I am happy about this because with all the high dollar meat I bought, just the steaks and ribs alone would be close to 80 dollars.

The total for everything I bought this week was $118.32. I am slightly over my $100 p/week budget for the month, but nothing outrageous. Also I could go probably an entire month without purchasing meat if I needed/wanted to.

weekly meal plan keto friendly

Meal planning is a HUGE part of saving money on groceries, so let’s take a look at what’s on the menu this week:


Cereal, pancakes and muffins for the kids, coffee and/or Keto muffins for us.


Sandwiches, fruit and other snacks for school lunches and my husband, daughter and I will eat reheated leftovers.


Sunday: Pozole Verde (this is a green chile chicken soup)

Monday: Spiced shrimp and collard greens

Ribeye steak and broccoli

Chicken taquitos for the kids and tinga de pollo (chicken in chipotle sauce) over salad for my husband and I

Scrambled eggs and hot smoked sausage

Homemade pizza

Shopping day, so out to dinner/carryout

Need more meal planning inspiration?  Check out all my grocery hauls and meal plans here!!

weekly grocery shopping haul

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