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Here’s another peek into my grocery trips for the week! Since every family is different, please don’t compare what I spend to what you are/should be spending.
There’s no need to fret as long as what you spend fits YOUR family and YOUR budget.

However, for reference here’s a profile of who I shop for:

1. We are a family of 5 that includes 2 adults and 3 children (ages 10, 6 and 4).
2. My husband and I follow a KETO/LCHF way of eating so sometimes I purchase higher cost special ingredients for recipes I want to make.
3. Practically all meals come from these grocery trips. My husband stays home with our daughter and the boys and I pack our lunches for school/work.
4. My family usually eats out once a week if the budget allows.
5. We have our own chickens, so although you might see us eat eggs often, we never buy them. I do budget for their feed, but that is only purchased 3 times a year.

Where do I shop:
Normally I shop at two or three stores each week. The closest city is 30 minutes away, so I will hit up 2 stores on the same trip when I travel into town.

Currently Kroger is my favorite store as they offer the best loss leaders(deep sale items).

We have a Walmart about 5 minutes from our house and I will go there during the week for essentials or items I forgot on my big grocery shopping day.

If there aren’t any good sales at other grocery stores I will just buy basics from Walmart for the week and eat from the freezer/pantry.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone and welcome to another grocery haul!  If I’m being honest, I didn’t even realize until Friday that it was going to be a 3-day weekend. And what a nice surprise it was!!

While we don’t have any plans this weekend, I am certainly going to enjoy an extra day off from work, and will probably just split up my Sunday chores so that I can try to get in a little R&R both Sunday and Monday.

It still feels very much like summer here in Virginia.  It was in the 90s this weekend, and I really didn’t want to spend my day in and out of hot parking lots, so this week’s grocery haul is only from Kroger.

I wanted to get some of the 2-day deals that were advertised or otherwise I probably would have stayed close to home.

kroger grocery haul 9/1/18

The top deals at Kroger this week were mostly a part of the 2-day sale.  Although a mega event was still going on (buy 5 save 5), I didn’t really need anything as I’m trying to limit the junk food that comes into our house.

life and cap'n crunch cereal $0.99 at Kroger

Life cereal and Cap’n Crunch cereal was on sale for only $0.99, so I picked up 3 boxes.  We still have plenty of cereal stocked away but I have a feeling these cereal prices can’t last forever.

$3.99 Tyson chicken tenders

If you’ve read about how I meal plan and it’s benefits, you’ll know that I suggest always having an emergency back up meal on hand.

So this week bags of Tyson’s chicken tenders were on sale for $3.99 so I bought 2 bags to keep in the freezer. These will be great on nights that my youngest two won’t eat what I’m fixing for dinner.

I also paired some already great sales with rebate offers from Ibotta.

Don’t know what Ibotta is?  It’s a free app that you use on your phone.

After you purchase items that you’ve added to your rebate offers all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt and the money is added to your account within minutes.  You can cash out using PayPal or even purchase gift cards that they offer.

Halo Top ice cream ibotta rebate

I was able to get a special keto treat for myself thanks to Ibotta.  Halo Top ice cream is normally $4/pint, but after the sale at Kroger and my cash back rebate, I paid just $1.85!!

free Heinz ketchup and mayo with ibotta

I also got both this huge bottle of ketchup and mayonnaise for free! There was a peelie coupon on the mayo jar that made the mayo free with the purchase of ketchup.

Then I found an offer on Ibotta for the exact same thing, so I earned $4.50 cash back on my purchase. After all was done, I actually made $1.50.

Seriously, give Ibotta a try.

After buying some boneless chicken breasts and thighs ($1.88/lb) and veggies for the week, our grocery haul total was only $58.17!!

keto grocery haul

This will set things up nicely for September and sticking to our grocery budget.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:


Pretty much everyone is on their own for breakfast.  I will make a batch of muffins for the kids and they can have that or cereal.  My husband will eat whatever and I have Keto waffles in the freezer for myself with coffee.


My boys will bring sandwiches and fruit plus snacks and the rest of us will have leftovers.


Sunday: Oven baked chicken wings, carrots/celery with ranch

Monday: Pasta with meat sauce (I will be having bell peppers stuffed with meat sauce and cheese)

Grilled chicken thighs, broccoli

Easy chicken cordon bleu– baked chicken breasts stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, salad

 Taco salad


Hot dogs, raw veggies


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